Department of Haemotology at JRC SCANS & DIAGNOSTIC is well framed with excellent automated cell counters, coagulometers and flowcytometers. Haemotology department provides wide range of investigating procedures to diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders and bone marrow.

Powerful system to analysis several blood oriented deficiencies, genetic disorder, anaemia, leukemia and clotting abnormalitied. All type of bleeding and hyper coagulability disorders are also investigated.

With high degree of quality maintained with support skilled doctors, specialized technicians and advanced analyser to provide precise results for the patient in short time span.


Biochemistry department of JRC SCANS & DIAGNOSTICS is totally equipped with new generation technology. Biochemistry is analysis of chemical and biochemical components in human body for preventing, diagnosis and managing of the diseases.

JRC SCANS & DIAGNOSTICS provides comprehensive clinical laboratory services in the extensive domain of biochemistry, therapeutic drug monitoring, endocrinology and clinical toxicology. Diseases like diabetes, heart problems, Hormone problems, infertility and more can be examined by body fluids including blood, urine and CSF.

Expertise and specially designed equipments including medical scientist, Biochemist, Laboratory Technicians, Technical Assistance and Phlebotomists. Focusing on 24hr service with wide range of biochemistry tests for hospital, referrals and individuals.

Hormone Investigations

Tests samples to gather the proof of fungal, viral and protozoal infection. A serology blood test is carried out to investigate and measeure level of antibodies as a result of exposure to a certain bacteria or virus. When people are exposed to virus or bacteria their body immune system generates particular antibodies against the organism. Antibody levels help physicians decide if an infection appeared recently or some time ago. Viral infections, bacterial infections and others can be diagnosed with the help of serological oriented investigations.

In our laboratory, we test for blood –borne pathogens and examine blood specimens for vaccine preventable diseases, mosquito-borne diseases and diseases transmitted from animals to humans. Quality control is our major goal to generate accurate results. Adopting latest technology and laboratory automation eradicate human error.

The methods and procedures used by us to produce high level of sensitivity and accuracy while investigate results. Our years of experience helps to provide right advice and recommendation to our service users.

Clinical Pathology

Department of Clinical Pathology is responsible for the lab testing of blood, urine and other body fluids to diagnosis of diseases and maintenance of health. With expert clinical consultant, division provides the most appropriate results.

Employing the advanced computer technology, our lab maintaining of the art automated testing procedures. A wide range of point of care testing report served in estimated time to time for intensive care patients and better known about medical emergencies.

Excellent team co-ordination and support to provide affordable service and extend our patient care with close association.

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